The Truth About 9/11 Just Won’t Die

The conspiracy theories started flying just days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC. Over the decade since, several claims have been refined by the “9/11 Truth” movement.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of September 11 was the rapid destruction of both 110-story Twin Towers: after the collapses began due to cascading structural failures at the airplane impact locations, each tower fell completely in just fifteen to twenty seconds.

Now there is a video (see below) of some guy trying to disprove the conspiracy of 9/11 and in my opinion ends up being the biggest moron on the Internet.

This guy has conducted a highly scientific experiment, that, in his mind, clearly shows how jet fuel can bend steel and therefore this debunks the conspiracy theories that suggest jet fuel alone could not have possible brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11.

I have many problems with this video, not least because it literally proves nothing, is a complete waste of his time and everyone else’s, and has succeeded only in melting the last few remaining brain cells left in his empty skull coming up with this ridiculous “de-bunking”.

Firstly, comparing 1/2 inch steel bars with the 87 feet by 133 feet steel core structures, as big as buses, that were covered in tonnes of concrete and fireproofed, is so ludicrous and un-scientific that he immediately lost my respect in his argument. I stuck with him though for the purposes of this blog, where he then continues to lambast everyone by calling them an “idiot” for even daring to suggest that jet fuel did not cause the WTC to fall that day. Ouch..

He conveniently seems to have forgotten that the WTC’s fell at free fall speed, so even if we were to take him and his silly outfit seriously and indeed jet fuel did weaken the steel, the building would have tilted and bent as he suggests in the video. Not fall straight down at the same speed it would take to drop a penny off the roof of the building.

Then we come to the greatest fail, when he goes over to a roaring furnace, not an actual replication of a jet fuel fire obviously, that would be too scientific. The camera cuts over to the furnace where we conveniently don’t get to see how long the steel bar has been in the furnace being subject to constant direct heat, and again this is not what would have happened inside the buildings on 9/11.

He then bends the steel pole like a failed magician into a “noodle” before throwing the bar on the ground, and walking away thinking he’s a boss advising everyone to get a job as he goes. Yes, the red hot steel bent, but the cold steel above the burned area still held strong? It didn’t bend an inch! So your argument is only valid if the whole building was heated up to 1500 degrees to cause the collapse? Are you forgetting that there were 84 floors of thick reinforced concrete wrapped steel bars holding everything up below the “hot” impact zone?

When you view the videos of the “planes” crashing into the towers, you can see that 90% of the burning fuel was evaporated outside of the building on impact. The only fires that were in the building were actually small localized fires, as battalion Chief Palmer who made it up to the impact zone on the day said;

“Ladder 15, we’ve got two isolated pockets of fire. We should be able to knock it down with two lines.”

Not exactly a burning furnace then? Neither does this guy explain how and why the firefighters at ground zero saw and reported that there was molten steel “flowing like lava” and was still molten 3 months after the building came down in the rubble, despite there being heavy rain for weeks.

This stupid propaganda video went from 40k to 265k views in a matter of an hours and now is rising well over a million. Just look at the number of “likes” this video has which is in complete contradiction to the vast majority of public opinion which agree that this video is dumb at best and completely moronic at worse. I just wonder who is behind the fake views?

Before you send in your hate mail… we don’t claim to know what happened on 9/11. It’s very obvious more is going on here than we are being told. However, if you’re going to show us proof that the twin towers fell because of fire, you better know what you are talking about. Otherwise, it makes you look like a real idiot.

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