Government Corruption Must Stop


As if by design, more money is being filtered out and diverted from the general public and into the hands of Large Special Interests. This is being done in a variety of ways which includes the gig_economy where we have many short term jobs at the commission with no benefits, especially no healthcare and no pensions two essential elements people need to be secure.

So instead of requiring or providing these necessities “our” government looks the other way as its citizenry slips into the greatest wealth disparity it’s ever seen. Why? Because our government is no longer ours to control. It is controlled by the very same interests that it’s supposed to regulate. Now it is the fox that is watching the henhouse, the tail that is wagging the dog. You get the picture.

So now that we can see the problem what is it that we should do? I’m surprised the fire and pitchforks haven’t come out by now, but I guess people are too busy feeding their heads. But when they’ve decided they’ve suffered enough, you who know what needs to be done. You just won’t do it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be easy. Those who currently hold most the power and money are hopelessly addicted to such and will not be giving it up without a huge fight. This is why it is absolutely essential to first educate ourselves, then educate others. Educate others with the truth!

Our goal among other things, to rightfully claim what we never should have delegated away… the right to govern ourselves by becoming the lawmakers without the need of intermediaries.

This we can definitely achieve, but not without some effort. But nothing worth anything is rarely obtained without it.

As if you still sitting there thinking we can’t change the world, it just means your one of the ones that won’t.

Are you awake yet?

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