Are You A Slave?

Did you know…

Most Citizens Are Not Required To File An Income Tax Return
The 16th (“Income Tax”) Amendment To The Constitution Is A Fraud and DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU!
If You File, You Are Volunteering To Pay Taxes

Most (if not all) of us here are fighting a battle with the overwhelming majority that believe a lie they have been conditioned to their entire life. It is extremely difficult for most to even consider the fact that what they have been deceived their entire life.

Even when one considers that which we are showing them is true, they fall back to the position that our society wouldn’t function if we didn’t allow government to confiscate our money. Or, that not allowing the confiscation means we don’t want a civil society. Or, we aren’t willing to pay our “fair share”. So many have been made to feel guilty, greedy if they don’t surrender their labor.

There is no law that requires you to pay an income tax. PERIOD! The IRS is a fraudulent entity and unconstitutional. But don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. In fact, I will issue a challenge to you. Find the law that requires you to pay an income tax. Then let us know what you found.

Ready… go!

The IRS exists because of fear. Fear of going to jail. Fear of being railroaded through the court systems. It exists because you are still asleep.

Filing a federal income tax return is, in fact, voluntary, because there is no statute or regulation that requires the vast majority of U.S. citizens to file and pay income taxes — or to have taxes withheld from the money they earn.

Neither the IRS nor the Congress can cite an authorizing law or regulation. Why? Because none exist.

Citizens cannot “voluntarily” file a federal income tax return without surrendering their 5th amendment right not to bear witness against themselves. You can be criminally prosecuted for your “voluntary” return.

You are a slave. And even when we can clearly see the slavery we do not imagine that we are helping to create it by accepting and enforcing the rules and constraints that constitute the slavery.

Read the facts for yourself.
Judge what is truth.
Pass it on.