“It's easier to deceive the masses than to convince them that they have been deceive.”

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This country was formed by great men, true Patriots who literally risked everything. With wisdom learned from their forefather's mistakes as well as their own they formed a plan whereby those of us that came after would never have to take the same risk as long as we remained vigilant. They used that knowledge and wisdom to formulate the "Grand Experiment" that is America.

Patriots should not be ridiculed for railing against the government, for that is how America came to be a nation. A Patriot does not fight with government simply because he or she does not agree with government, but do so because a Patriot sees the long range harm and danger in "letting things ride" that are created outside of government authority. 

A Patriot is someone who takes a stand even when those around them are still being tossed by the tide. A Patriot has the courage and conviction to say "No" for the benefit of the greater good of the People and not for their own selfish desires, much like Christians should. We should all pray and work to be known as true Christian Patriots.

It seems our elected officials suffers out constitutional rights and freedoms with prejudice rather than proclaiming them with pride. We should not let this go unchallenged. It seems that certain members of this council apparently an opposite and hypocritical view of the constitution rights we cherish. You continuously display your collective distain and contempt for the rule of law pertaining to the citizens rights.

Government is not a dictator. Subordinate jurisdictions and municipalities continually try to extinguish the flames of freedom all the time.

If you haven’t seen The Matrix then you need to stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now. If you’ve seen it, maybe it’s time to watch it again?

Because this movie will give you a glimpse of the Truth;

That you are a slave to a system designed to keep you in chains.

That you have unlimited potential within you, and only your self-imposed limitations and perceptions can stop you from realizing this potential.

And that it is possible to wake up from this dream world and break free.

The Matrix as a system of control is very real, and I’m not talking about the movie here. It’s real, and this system has power over…

your government by controlling the money that controls the economy.

your world view by controlling the government that controls the educational system that dumbs children down

your mind and spirit by controlling the media and entertainment industries that controls what you watch, listen to, and read

your body and health by controlling the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries that controls what ends up in your body

The question is not if the Matrix exists, or what it is, or even who the owners are. Follow the money to the top and you will find the real owners.

We’re slowly realizing that a world has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the Truth, and more importantly we’re realizing that we are free to create a new world, a better world.

Changing the world all starts with YOU changing your own life. To quote Gandhi, “one drowning man will never save another.” You need to save yourself first.

Because by changing your own life you will light up a path for humanity, and people will follow.

​As Margaret Mead once said... Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

I don't care where you live in this world. This book is for you. It's not just about America. We're just the failed country history will be writing about for years to come. 

Remember, there is nothing more powerful than the truth!

A New American Revolution!

After more than 200 years, the United States may well be losing the American Revolution. Yes, long after it was won. Sure we won the battle, but the war never stops. 

It's well known that Revolutionary War not only delivered independence but also severed America’s ties with a country that many knew was deeply flawed. The very same ideals that plagued our forefather exists in government today.

Let's be clear... while England did not corrupt America, its imperfections have nonetheless become features of the modern United States: the concentration of wealth in few hands, diminished freedoms over time, frequent wars, a standing army, executive sway over the legislative branch, elected officeholders who appear to hold their offices for life. If  any of our forefathers were alive and could see America today, they might not only think that America had lost its way but also that the time for a new revolution has come.

My friends, it is time for a revolution. But I'm not talking about a war. That is our last resort. I'm talking about a revolution of our minds. We need to educate ourselves and more importantly, our children. For the touch will soon be passed on to them... as well as the fight to remain free. 

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There Is Nothing More Powerful Than The Truth!

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