“It's easier to deceive the masses than to convince them that they have been deceive.”

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It's time we asked ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended for us by the Founding Fathers.

America today is all but painful reminder of how far we have fallen since the first throes of the rebellion that lead our independence from Great Britain. Now we live in a land of false freedoms, full of slaves, sheeple and a populace that is willing to let go of most our freedoms in exchange for a little “security”.  

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Why America's Great Awakening?

There is a big issue at stake here in America. Do we believe in our capacity for self-government or do we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

Every man, woman and child is born and enslaved to a system that designed to control you. Somehow the masters have become the servants to their own government and their national debt. These are dire circumstances that now surround us. Now, more than ever, each of us must make a choice: will we unlock the shackles that enslave us, or will we be willing to give up the greatest gift we have... our freedom.

This site is not just about America's Great Awakening, although the title may be misleading. It's about a global awakening. The lessons learned here can be applied no matter where you live. Whether you have a Queen, A Prime Minister, A Government or A Dictator, your awakening is about to happen. Questions is... are you ready to be awakened?

America, if measured by the ideals of its birth, has failed miserably. The US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are but another reminder that written words are not protection against the future transgressions of those who wish to do us harm. America has clearly lost its way.

We have failed to heed the warnings the Founding Fathers had issued regarding the dangers of a big and powerful government. They were more aware of the threats a State entails than we are today. They knew that the greatest dangers to mankind are an expanding government, the banking system, taxation without representation, standing armies, and the ensuing destruction of freedom and liberty.

The truth is... America is on the verge of a major collapse. And just like the Roman Empire, we will fall from our pedestal. If you are ready to hear the truth and discover the truth and who you really are in this world, then please keep reading and join our free newsletter. 

AGA is about your awakening. And it starts right here, with you. In the movie The Matrix, the choice the main character Neo is given is basically: take the red pill and learn the whole truth about the world, or take the blue pill, go back to sleep and continue believing the relatively comfortable and familiar lie.

Which pill would you take?

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Our Governments Has A Secret Weapon...
Do You Know What It Is?

Most of us have no idea they possess such a weapon. This weapon is more powerful than anything you have ever seen, and more dangerous than anything you could ever imagine. It's not our drones, tanks, F-16s, or smart bombs. It's not Homeland Security, Police, TSA, NSA, FBI, or an entire standing army.

Do you know what their secret weapon is yet?

Look around you: it's everywhere. They use it to get what they want. In fact, our governments heavily rely on it day in and day out. It has not failed them in over 200 years. Our government is using this weapon against you to gain more power and control with each passing day.

You see this weapon in each and every person you pass on the streets, in your car, or at the mall. You see it when you look in the mirror.

The problem is that you can't see or feel it... at lease not yet anyway.  

Do you know what it is yet?

Before we go further, let me make some things clear. This is not an anti-government site. It's about freedom. True freedom! Not the freedoms you think you enjoy everyday. As you will soon read... that is not true freedom. 

Government does serve a purpose, but do you know what that purpose is? If not, now you know why so many of us are slaves to the system. 

There is no argument that the size of government today is so great that it is impossible for anyone to be adequately informed about its operations. Even those in government admit they don't understand how things work. On top of this, when we want to be informed, we get political grandstanding instead of answers. We get lies and deception. In fact, the lies and deceit that come from our elected representative who are supposed to be public servants seem to be getting bigger with each passing day. Am I wrong?

Please take a moment to watch this two minute video. Then continue reading below...

...Now that you have watched the video-how do you feel? Did it resonate with you in any way?

We can only imagine that you might be feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole. What you have read and heard so far sounds all to familiar. There is something that is just not quite right with this world. You can feel it just like we do. You see it all around you every day. However, you accept it for what you see because that is what everyone else does. You're frightened to ask questions because you're afraid of what others might think. You feel like you are dreaming and can never seem to wake up.

Do you believe in coincidence? In fate? You've stumbled across this site for a reason. So will millions of other people who think and feel the way you do.

We know and understand that you're afraid. We all are. You're afraid of what you might find. You're afraid of change. You're afraid of what people might think. You're afraid of the future.

We don't know about the future and how this all ends. But you didn't come here for us to tell you how this is going to end. You're here for us to show you how it's going to begin.

You're here for us to show you how important you are in the entire process of making the new freedom and new happiness begin.

What do you have to do? Nothing more than opening your mind.

Why Are You Still Here?

You're here because you know something is not right. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a stone in your shoe or a splinter in your mind. It drives you to madness and distraction.

It is this feeling that has brought you here and keeps you on this site.

Do you want to know what that feeling is?

It's Deception.

Deception is everywhere. It is all around us. It's in the room where you are sitting now. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you move about in travel, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

What truth you ask?

It's a painful and bitter truth... You are a slave. Just like everyone else you were born into bondage. You were born into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. It's a prison of the mind.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the truth is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your chance. After this, there is no turning back. You can click the close button on your browser and the story ends here, you'll wake up day after day in your bed and believe whatever you want to. However, if you keep reading, you stay in wonderland, and we'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Remember, all we are offering is the truth, nothing more. 

Have Your Figured Out Their Secret Weapon Yet?

So how do they do it? How does our government get us to do what they want and to follow along without asking questions?

What is their secret weapon? 

The secret weapon of the government is: Willful Ignorance! And the power of that willful ignorance cannot be overstated. Our government has designed a systemized form of control on a massive scale and they only get away with it because we are prepared to look the other way.

And the power of willful ignorance is infinite. Case in point... this country is collapsing right under our noses. And we will re-elect 95 percent of those who are allowing it to collapse. Why are they are getting richer and we're getting poorer. 

They are not servants, they are self-serving. 

It's time for our awakening!

Are You Ready To Be Awakened?

Much like the character in The Matrix movie, to understand your awakening you must choose. You take the blue pill and close this web browser, the story ends right here, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe and keep walking down that all to familiar path. Our you take the red pill and keep reading, you stay in Wonderland, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Check out our blog and sign up for our free newsletter. Once you have acclimated to America's Great Awaking, consider joining as a member where you awaking happens.

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It seems like another skeleton falls out of the United States’ closet every day. Whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork, and the government is struggling to keep the scandals contained. Police are using extreme force on its citizens. You are working your butt off and give 50% of your labors to the Government. And for what?

It's time to start educating yourself and start learning the truth. One way to plug in is through our blog. It's completely free.

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The most expensive investment most Americans will ever make is in their own government. Government costs the average American more than their home, more than their health care, more than their children s' college education. Yet people who would spend a great deal of time kicking the tires before buying a new car spend disastrously little time checking out the government that sucks so much money out of them over their lifetimes. On way to plug in is through our blog. It's completely free.

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What would you do if you found out your being lied to? What would you do if you found out your being spied on you and people are listening to your phone calls, capturing all your texts and emails? What would you do if anyone used force to get you to use their services? That's exactly what is happening to America right now. We are in a fight for our liberty and freedom and most of us are not aware there is anything wrong. 

When do the lies and DECEPTion stop?

There Is Nothing More Powerful Than The Truth!

It seems that every generation must rediscover the truth for itself. Nobody these days seem to bat an eye when it comes to their liberty and their freedom. Truly, mankind foolishly blinded by his own pride and willing ignorance. No wonder history always repeats itself. It is startling to see what the world looks like today. But should we be surprised? It’s clearly evident how things turn out by looking at our past. 


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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."  ~ Margaret Mead


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There Is Nothing More Powerful Than The Truth!

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