You Be The Judge – Are Police More Dangerous To Citizens Than Criminals?

This cop was criminally charged in this incident and fired. It was determined he used unnecessary force.

Is it me or are the police more dangerous to the public than criminals? Why is this not in the news?

There are no words for this. Can you see any reason for this officer to take this man down the way he did? Any reason? The man is not struggling in any way and it seemed to office had his hands. So what gives?

This police officer injured him seriously. He had to undergo surgery to fuse two vertebrae in his spine and that he was still unable to move his left leg.

And for what? He was just out for a walk.

This should piss you off America. When are you going to say no more from tyrannical government? They use force, threat and violence to get you to comply.

Are you awake Yet?

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