Why Are Police Officers Killing People They Are Sworn To Protect?

When cops’ first instinct is to use force, we shouldn’t be surprised that people will die. we see it almost daily these days. Police seem to be getting more aggressive. But where is their duty to protect.

Berkeley students and Berkeley residents began a peaceful march from Sproul Plaza to the Berkeley Marina to protest the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and countless other brown and black youth at the hands of police.

This is what they were met with…

These people are helpless as police officers advanced on them. As you will soon see in the video the police are on both sides of them. On one side they are telling them to backup and go the other way. On the other side they are telling them the same thing. In essence, creating a wedge and nowhere for them to go.

Police continue to assault peaceful demonstrators while corporate news media censors the violence. Why is this not in the news?

This is not the first time we hear about police overstepping their authority. In fact, it’s made the news almost daily now.

Eric Garner never had a chance. Or, to be more accurate, the cops never gave him one. Rather than talk to Garner, whom they approached on a Staten Island corner, police used force. Officer Daniel Pantaleo used a chokehold to bring him to the ground, and officers joined the struggle in an attempt to subdue Garner, whose only “crime” was asking police to leave him alone. He went into cardiac arrest, and died. It was all caught on video.

This sudden escalation in the use of force isn’t unusual. You can’t go a day without hearing about another officer shooting or beating someone up. Michael Brown and Tamir Rice are just a few of the most recent.

In August, just days before Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, 22-year-old John Crawford was killed by police in an Ohio Walmart. Crawford—who was holding an air gun he was going to purchase, and talking to his family on the phone. He didn’t have a chance, either. Police rounded a corner, and shot him, hitting Crawford and sending him to the emergency room, where he died of his wounds. It’s all on video.

A system that tolerates and supports bad police is one that breeds contempt from the people it’s supposed to protect.

They ask us to “respect the legal process and rule of law.” But respect goes both ways, and a system that tolerates and supports bad police is one that breeds contempt from the people it’s supposed to protect. We see it in the mass protests sparked by the Garner case, as people show their anger and disdain for law enforcement. For police, this is dangerous. At best, it leaves you with communities where residents refuse to cooperate with police, where they would rather tolerate crime than work with an institution that hates them and treats them as subhuman. At worst, it explodes into fire, as people reach their limits and rebel against the all-but-official decree that their lives don’t matter.

Are police out of hand? Does America need to be ruled in this matter? We have opened up the comments below. Please let us know your thoughts.

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