Where Do Dollars Come From?

A fiat currency is created by a government decree. The Latin word means “let it be done.” And with the stroke of a pen, or the crank of a printing press, “money” is created. Fiat currency has no inherent value—the paper that a $100 dollar bill is printed on is surely not worth $100. It might have been worth a few cents before the government ruined its utility as scrap paper by printing green words and numbers all over it!

Compare this with gold & silver, which are a precious, rare metals that is, in many cases, the only substance on earth that can be used for certain human purposes, including science, medicine, and of course an honest money system.

By understanding this battle between real money and fiat currencies, and its inevitable outcome, you can prepare yourself to preserve your wealth and invest for potentially massive gains. Understanding this age-old conflict will give you an advantage. This isn’t some mumbo-jumbo fantasy battle I made up—the inevitable outcome of the Battle of Ages has happened every time in history a fiat currency has been used.

Most people have no clue as to how their monetary systems work, putting blind faith in fiat currencies, only to learn those currencies are essentially worthless when push comes to shove. And with fiat currencies, push always comes to shove. You could say they were designed to fail.

The value in a functioning fiat currency is that people have faith in it, and you can go to the grocery store and buy a ham sandwich with it. Because people were able to trade their dollars for a ham sandwich yesterday, they have faith that they will be able to do so tomorrow.

If you are just waking up and want to start, we suggest you accumulate silver and gold. This will help protect whet you already have.

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