When do you know that you live in a tyranny?

Question: When do you know that you live in a tyranny?

Answer: When the citizens vote to ban red light cameras and the city reacts by suing them.

The county of St. Charles County, MO have filed a lawsuit against their OWN CITIZENS.

The citizens of St. Charles County expressed their anger with the use of red light cameras in their town. Seventy-three percent of those who went to the polls approved a measure to ban red light cameras.

However, the fat cat bureaucrats, apparently afraid of losing the money generated from the rights-violating red light cameras, don’t like that vote. They are now taking action to punish the citizens for trying to undermine their perceived authority.

The cities are claiming that the measure, which was passed by voters, is unconstitutional. Their claim is well founded. In order to have an action brought against you, it much be with a person of like kind. Meaning a camera can’t file a claim against you.

Politicians mandate that the citizens be extorted by removing due process and sending them tickets in the mail. However, if the citizens try and stop this act of extortion, it is “unconstitutional” and their consent is no longer needed.

That is the world we choose to live. You vote and pay these guys to rob ans steal from you. And even when the American people speak up at the polls, it does not matter. Ultimately they are going to do what they want and to heck with the citizens.

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