Vaxxed – Forced Injections of Slaves Is The Last Step to Complete Tyranny


We’re digging into a controversial topic: vaccines.

I know this is a touchy topic, and this blog is not about telling you how or what to think – I am not having this conversation to be pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. I am pro-question and pro-clarity, and you should learn all sides of the story and get a different perspective topic. After all, your children lives depend on you getting this one right.

There’s just so much intentional misinformation out there on this topic. In fact, most of what we see is deception by omission. It’s what they are not telling us that is killing us.

You may be thinking at this very moment, my kids were vaccinated and they are fine. But, are they really?

When you had your kids were vaccinated, did you know what was in it? What I mean is… did you know what you were letting them inject into your young kid’s body?

Did you ask?

No matter which side you sit on this interview gives you a perspective not taught in school or shown on TV.

Are you awake yet?

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