To Pee Or Not To Pee

You don’t have a clue what’s going on in Government and neither do the American people because if they did there’d be a revolution in this country.

To anyone paying attention, it’s no secret that our entire economic and political system has been taken over by group of pathologically entitled elitist bankers, businessmen and politicians. Emblematic of this truthful tragedy is the fact that five of the biggest banks in the world admitted to committing felonies last week and incurred nothing more than small find and a wrist-slap:

Looked what happened last week when five banks admitted to committing felonies: not one head rolled. Nobody. None of the big banksters go to jail…don’t get caught with any crack, you’ll do 15 years to life…but steal the entire nation, rob it blind and the neo-feudal system where the nobility have become the entitled rich – they get a free ride…that’s what’s happened in this country – it’s in front of everybody’s eyes and the people lack the courage to stand up and speak out and fight against what’s going on. – Gerald Celente, Shadow of Truth

The United States is in the process of collapsing – economically, politically and sociologically. It’s mind-blowing to contemplate that Hillary Clinton – a person who should be in jail for committing a long list of felonies, including treason, abuse of her position as Secretary of State, destroying evidence, tax evasion, tax fraud – the list is endless – and yet, here she is operating as the front-running Democratic candidate for President. It’s beyond appalling, its pathetically tragic. Hillary Clinton is pathetic.

And now we’re all wondering when and what will cause the inevitable collapse:

If we have an event that destablizes Saudi Arabia and other places in the Middle East, that could be the wild card event that destablizes and brings down the Ponzi scheme that has been invented by the bankers…The Saudis are bombing Yemen into oblivion – this is the poorest country in the Middle East. Obama has given more armaments to the Arab League than Bush three-times over during the same amount of time and now they’re putting these weapons to use. – Gerald Celente, Shadow of Truth

Are you ready to be awake? This is an incredible podcast loaded with Celente’s legendary fire, brimstone and wisdom. Take some time to listen to this video.

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