Our Public Servants Hard At Work. This Should Make You Mad.

A mother and her three-yr-old daughter showed up to court for a non-criminal minor proceeding.

During the proceeding, Officer Ron Fox unexpectedly commanded the mother, Monica Catreas, 28, to enter a private room with him in order to submit to a random “drug search.”

It turns out that Officer Fox made up the excuse of a drug search in order to get Monica alone and begin sexually abusing her, fondling her breasts, and violating her body against her will, according to reports.

As he forced her shirt to be lifted so that she could be more exposed, Monica cried and begged the Hearing Master Judge to intervene and stop the officer.

Hearing Master Judge Patricia Doninger, instead of intervening, literally turns her back as if to pretend not to see or hear what happened to Monica.

The video you are about to see, will shake you to the core. You will see the political class for what they really are. All euphemisms such as “officer” and “master” and “president” will be swept away from your consciousness and the reality of the situation will be laid bare: political authority is simply a collection of sociopathic individuals dressed in costumes, initiating violence on the rest of us.

This was one incident caught on tape. How many are swept under the rug and not caught on tape?

It’s worth pointing out that since this incident (in 2011) both the sexual abusing bailiff and the sexual-abuse enabling judge have been fired, and the good taxpayers of the state of Nevada have ponied up more than $800,000 in a settlement with the victim. Of course, no one faced actual criminal charges. If that were you or I we would be jailed.

As a child we were taught that the justice system was there to protect but now we have strong fear of the system. Even if you never never broke the law, not even a speeding ticket your heart skips a beat when I see the police. Why is this?

In this case the one that should be harshly punished is the judge(along with the POS cop) she had the power to stop this immediately but didn’t. I wonder how many innocent people she and other Judges allowed citizens to be abused in court?

We dance around the endless violence from government of our dying system because we fear them and they do a good job of keeping us in our cages. But we can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see.

Wake up. Government is not the answer… they are the problem.

What are YOU going to do about it?

Are you awake Yet?

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