Thieves and Thugs Threaten Your Property

Thieves and Thugs Threaten Your Property but, it’s not who you think.

Civil Asset Forfeiture by police and government has become a hot topic lately. Every year, federal and state law enforcement agents seize hundreds of millions of dollars from civilians during traffic stops, simply by asserting that they believe the money is connected to some illegal activity and without ever pursuing criminal charges. Under federal law and the laws of most states, they are entitled to keep most (and sometimes all) of the money and property they seize.

As crazy as it sounds, civil asset forfeiture laws allow the government to seize property without charging anyone with a crime. Until The government is allowed to keep whatever property it seized without ever having to prove a case. Seized property is presumed guilty and could be forfeited based upon mere hearsay or even worse a tip supplied by by an informant who stood to gain up to 25% of the forfeited assets. We are forced into the a situation of trying to prove a negative—that something never happened, even though no proof of any illegal act had been offered at trial.

Newspapers and television stories across the nation documented hundreds of cases of innocent citizens wrongfully deprived of their homes, businesses and livelihoods. Eighty percent of property forfeited to the US during the previous decade was seized from owners who were never even charged with a crime!

Where is Due Process of Law? Why are we putting up this band of thieves and tyrants?

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