The War on Terror Can’t Be Won

The War on Terror Conundrum

If the US ever wins the War on Terror, what happens to the massive government bureaucracies that depend on fighting it? Will they just relinquish their power and budgets?

What about the defense industry companies whose existence depends on government contracts to build lots of weapons? Will they just change their business plans and build something else?

And can “terror” ever really be defeated? Can the tactic of using violence against innocents to achieve political objectives be eradicated from the earth by the sheer might of the US government (which itself employs some of these same tactics)? Can the US foreign policy that provokes retaliation and creates enemies in the first place be hoped to produce any other result than what it has already produced?

No. This war is perpetual by definition and by design. It is a humongous government racket. Its numerous beneficiaries have every incentive to keep it going and to keep expanding it.

The only way to win the War on Terror is to end it.

This is Bipartisanship

Here are the choices we get between these two supposedly opposite sides of the political establishment:

a) Completely obliterate everyone — children, women, elderly, etc.

b) Bomb the hell out of them, but in a slightly less genocidal way than described in option (a). Oh, and arm various factions to do the fighting on the ground, too. (I’m sure that won’t backfire…again.)

How about a completely different approach for these wannabe macho tough-guy Washington DC warriors to entertain:

STOP intervening. Stop meddling. Stop bombing. Stop killing innocents. Stop fueling civil wars. Stop installing and/or propping up dictators. Stop toppling governments, thus paving the way for even more ruthless militants.

Stop doing the very things that make Americans targets for retaliation. Stop wasting American lives in unnecessary wars. Stop bankrupting this country with trillions of dollars squandered on militarism.

Just stop. Step down from the war footing. Let regions sort out their problems. Quit trying to rule the world.

I think this is at least worth a try.

Are you awake Yet?

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