The Constitution – Free Your Mind

Someone told me that the Constitution as long outlived it’s usefulness. You can only imagine how that turned out. I could not disagree more.

The Constitution itself isn’t the problem, as its time for existing is timeless when you understand the document. The Constitution does not give you rights, it protects the rights you inherently already have. You are not bound by the Constitution and it’s Amendments, Period! It does not apply to you. It only applies to those who swear to uphold and protect the document. Go it?

Let’s get this straight… It is MEN that have perverted its intent and purpose. It is MEN with their eyes on power and wealth at the expense of those they deem to somehow be less worthy than themselves. It is MEN that believe that they somehow have an inherent right to rule over and control the lives and property of others. And it is MEN that has allowed all of this to become true rather than to fight back by arresting and imprisoning those that have used this Constitution and all their false laws to inflict pain, harm and death upon innocent and guilty alike.

The problem is MEN with weak minds and weak wills, not some antiquated mandate that MEN should have been intelligent enough to understand from the very beginning.

Are you awake yet?