Police over stepping their bounds

Please watch the video below after you finish reading this blog. You won’t believe the nerve of these police officers.

A mother and father were on their way home with their 2 week old baby when they were stopped by police officers.

Andre Stockett, the father and the passenger in the vehicle, and the man who took the video, has a good understanding of his rights when dealing with police. And you should as well.

Despite the police pulling over the vehicle, for an alleged “traffic violation,” they do nothing to the driver. Her license is run and it comes back valid so they have nothing on them, yet like bullies on the playground they begin ganging up on Stockett.

Stockett has committed no crime and has not been suspected of committing a crime, so he lawfully refuses to identify himself. You do not have to identify yourself as a passenger in a car. Period! However, this assertion of his rights does not go over well with the bullies on the playground, so Officer Denny throws a temper tantrum.

The K-9 unit is brought in. Remember, K-9’s are not only often poorly trained, they are frequently wrong. They can also be taught to alert on cue.

Stockett says that he does not consent to any searches, which is well within his rights. However, Officer Denny knows how to avert these rights; bring in the drug dog. Unfortunately in Illinois v. Caballes, the Supreme Court ruled that police do not need reasonable suspicion to use drug dogs to sniff a vehicle during a legitimate traffic stop and that a drug dog alerting to a vehicle allows them to search it. Can you see how this can go wrong?

Stockett could have contended that this was no longer a “legitimate traffic stop” but it seems that nothing was going to stop these jackboots from arresting someone.

After the dog allegedly ‘alerted’ to the vehicle, Stockett and his wife are told to get out of the vehicle. When they refuse, because they have a 2 week old infant in the back seat, these thugs threaten to take their baby!

At this point in the video, if your blood is not boiling you are not a human being. The police continue to make up new reasons why they were pulled over and why they are being detained/arrested. It is absolutely infuriating.

The asininity peaks when officer Denny backtracks and tells the family that he originally pulled them over because their lights weren’t on, but it is clearly daylight outside.

Eventually under duress and the threat of violence, the family is forced to exit the vehicle. Stockett was arrest for, wait for it….wait for it, obstruction of justice. These harassing tyrants have the audacity to claim that it was this family who was obstructing justice and not their jackbooted thuggery. Unbelievable.

BTW… No drugs were found.

You can’t make this stuff up. And without video proof do you think this couple would stand any chance in court?

This is happening every day in America folks. You better wake up because someday this is going to happen to someone you know. We need to remind these public servants that they work for us. Not the other way around.

*** Update: Justice Severed on Police! ***

Charges against Andree Stockett and his girlfriend have been dropped. Both charged with obstructing official business. Stockett , who was a passenger in the car, refused to identify himself when asked by Police Officer Christopher Denny. An internal investigation found Officer Denny violated their rights. He was suspended for 60 days and ordered to sign a last-chance agreement.

*** Wow, you won’t believe this. ***

Upon further investigation the internal investigation turned up the audio between Officer Denny and dispatch. The dispatch audio reveals Officer Denny asked about warrants on Stockett minutes before traffic stop. So he knew who he was before he even made contact with him. All we can say is wow. How many times does this happen to others?

If you can, record all encounters with police.

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