Police Encounters: What You Need To Know

What makes police officers and the government powerless? When the American people know and use their rights! You have rights during a traffic stop or any police encounter. Learn what your rights are and use them before you loose them!

During a traffic stop these cops are trying to question a teenager. His mother is objecting to the questioning. You are not required to answer any questions the police ask you. In fact, you should never answer their questions.

This lady may have said too much but she knows her rights. THIS is what happens when people talk to much to cops with the IQ of a rotten head of lettuce.

And she is right, Hell would play host to the Winter Olympics before I left ANYONE I cared about alone outside the car for them to potentially assault or kill. Just NOT going to happen.

Furthermore, if the parent or legal guardian does NOT consent to the questioning of a minor without assistance of counsel, the cops MUST cease and desist all questioning of that minor, especially when the minor is not suspected of committing any crime.

@ 0:05 – She is correct, they CANNOT detain a passenger if there is no reasonable suspicion or probable cause that the passenger committed some offense, which is the ONLY way they could be considered “part of the stop.” That constitutes false imprisonment.

@ 2:25 – The officer is totally incorrect on both points of the traffic stop NOT being an arrest, because it IS, AND that an individual is not required to identify themselves UNLESS they have already been lawfully arrested for some OTHER alleged offense.

@ 3:18 – The public servant figuratively shoots himself directly in his ill-informed mouth by stating that he was (UNLAWFULLY) detaining the son because of the actions of the mother in telling him to not talk to the cop, and compounds his problems by claiming that she is “concealing” the minor’s identity. Again, he is not required to identify himself.

@ 3:35 – BOTH officers screw themselves by claiming that they can detain him and that he MUST divulge his identity “for their safety.” NOTE TO COPS: If you are such a coward that your “safety” depends upon the name of a minor child that has committed no crime, nor that you have even the remotest suspicion of having committed a crime, then you are a REALLY pathetic human being.

@ 4:30 – The officer asks a TRICK question of her, “Do you agree that you are the ‘driver’ of this car?” and she immediately ADMITS that she is a ‘driver.” Big mistake, for both her AND the officers. Why? Because IF she says that she IS a ‘driver,’ AND they AGREE that she is a ‘driver,’ then, THAT makes her son a PAYING “passenger,” whom they have NO lawful authority to hold without reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

@ 5:00 – The officer once again shows his willingness to either LIE or remain ignorant of the fact that a Texas traffic stop IS a custodial arrest. His language hesitancy begins to show, indicating that he already knows he is in the wrong, which means he is knowingly LYING.

@ 7:48 – The public servant THEN tries to play son against mother by blaming her for how long it’s taking for things to get handled because of how SHE is acting. Classic divide and conquer effort from a mental midget that clearly thought he understood how that was supposed work FOR him in this case.

If you’ve done your homework you know that Statues and Ordinances are not and cannot ever be binding law under the Constitution.

The State Constitution and statues cannot defend itself. It requires the support of we the people. Especially our willingness to fight against and hold accountable, literally if need be, those in government that would undermine the People’s power and authority to limit and restrict them in all of their actions, not just those they care to surrender back to us. That is but one purpose of our Constitution, while another is to protect our individual rights from invasion or destruction.

But, it is very important to remember, the people are not bound to this system of government as it currently exists, only our governmental agents are. We are bound only to maintaining it in Republican form. We have the inherent and unalienable right to get rid of the existing and highly corrupted system and make it anew, so that it SERVES us rather than OPPRESSES us. Yet, each time such efforts are made, those in current governmental control strive to vilify those of us that work to bring information like this and the ideals it instills in us to light. They constantly throw up legal barriers and blockades to prevent meaningful change by and for the people. When we seek meaningful ways to regain control of our runaway government, it responds by creation of even more Orwellian statutes, ordinances, rules, and regulations that act to restrict or prohibit our ability to regain that control peaceably.

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