Is Social Security is a Ponzi scheme?

Let’s take a look at the at the facts and then you decide if Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. First, understand that Social Security coerces us through force to be a part of it. Since SS began in 1935 the full force of the U.S. government has compelled all it’s citizens to suffer by it, such that we all do so now. It’s not voluntary by an means. Does any business use force to get you to use their services? Think about it. Let’s think about this while you’re at it. You invest in a program that uses threats and force to get you to participate, you have no clue (nor will they tell you) how your investment is being made, you have no idea what fees you are going to incur over the life of the investment, and you have no idea what the rate of return you can expect on your investment. Does that sound about right? Are we crazy? To better understand Social Security as an investment, one should look at the workings of private sector annuities, pensions, trusts, and similar investment options. In such cases purely voluntary investments are written and enforced by courts; clients pay money into the investments, the fiduciary invests and grows it, and over time pays back funds with a gain to clients. Of course, results depend on the investment, but the integrity, safety and soundness of this private contract-based system fosters saving, investment and prosperity. If fiduciaries or trustees violate contracts in any way they can be sued, fined and jailed. A Ponzi scheme, like Bernie Madoff’s scheme, is an operation that pays alleged “investment returns” to clients from the clients’ own paid-in funds and with payments by subsequent clients, rather than from investments in productive assets or securities. The scheme entices new entrants by false promises of returns that are unrealistically high, ever-rising, or even abnormally-stable, all of which require ever increasing inflows and hordes of additional dupes, to keep all the scheme going. Unless the scheme keeps growing and spreading, in time it must collapse, as the outflows swamp inflows; the game halts when claims exceed the cash. In other words: A Ponzi scheme is generally a system in which investors think they’re investing in something real but are instead being used to pay one another back. Eventually, the scheme runs out of new investors and collapses. Here’s how the Social Security Administration — which by the way, has a whole web page explaining why its not a Ponzi scheme — describes Social Security: “It would be most accurate to describe Social Security as a transfer payment–transferring income from the generation of workers to the generation of retirees–with the promise that when current workers retire, there will be another generation of workers behind them who will be the source of their Social Security retirement payments.” Both Social Security (since 1935) and it sister program, Medicare (since 1965) have been insolvent for years, as is typical of a Ponzi scheme, and despite the increases in the tax rates... read more

The Corrupt Banking System Explained By a 12 Year Old

Does 12-Year-Old Victoria Grant understand more about our banking system than you? Victoria Grant is the 12 year old Canadian girl who was brave enough to stand in front of the Public Banking Institute conference in Philadelphia and tell the audience, full of bankers, why banks really suck. The nub of her confident analysis is that banks are screwing Governments as well as customers, and since customers also pay taxes to service national debt, banks are screwing them twice over. There is no doubt we need a better system where “We The People” have authority over our own money. Watch or read what Victoria Grant has to say about banks. Although she is talking about the bank of Canada, the U.S. is in the same boat. News flash, the whole world is under this same system. [Victoria Grant Speech] You can watch the video or scroll down to read the speech. [Transcript] Have you ever wondered why Canada is in debt? Have you ever wondered why the government forces Canadians to pay so many taxes? Have you ever wondered why the bankers from the largest private banks are becoming wealthier, and the rest of us are not? Have you ever wondered why the gross national debt is over $800 billion dollars? Or why we are spending $160 million dollars a day on the interest of the national debt? That is $60 billion dollars a year! Have you ever wondered who receives the $60 billion dollars? What I have discovered is the banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada. I will share with you three important points of reference which will hopefully spark enough interest and concern for you to continue the research on your own and to engage your government to stop this criminal act against the people of Canada. First, we will briefly examine the Bank of Canada. Second, we will see how the banking system works today. And lastly, I will offer a viable solution that we can petition our government to implement. A very little known figure in Canadian history is Gerald Grattan McGeer. He was a lawyer, a Member of Parliament and Mayor of Vancouver. His contribution to Canada is probably one of the greatest in our history. He championed the creation of the National Bank of Canada whose sole purpose is to create and manage Canada’s money. It was formed on July 3rd, 1934 and owned by all Canadians. Until the 1970’s, because of the Bank of Canada, Canada’s national debt was held at a constant manageable level until the government decided to implement what we now have as our modern banking system that is robbing the Canadian people. So how are they robbing us? Allow me to explain how our private banks and government work today: first the Canadian government borrows money from the Private Banks. They then lend the debt based money to Canada, with compounded interest. The government then continues to increase taxation of Canadians, year after year, in order to pay back the interest... read more

Is America on the verge of a Collapse?

In recent years many analysts have predicted that America’s out-of-control debt would destroy our country. And yet, our economy seems to be doing ok. Why? Why hasn’t this ticking time bomb exploded? It all comes down to one seemingly simple, but very important concept: Trust. We all know that trust is the most important glue in any relationship, either in business or in our personal lives. This is also true in our global financial system. Most of us take this for granted, but trust in the U.S. government is a big reason why America has become such a dominant force over the past century. It’s because of trust in our government that the U.S. has been able to borrow at the lowest interest rates available in the world for years. Even in 2008, in the midst of the worst financial crisis in 80 years, our federal government was able to borrow vast sums of money at an interest rate close to 1%. It was trust that allowed our government to bailout major banks and prevent the collapse of our financial system. And it’s that trust that has allowed our government to get away with a spending spree of historic proportions… for far longer than anyone might reasonably expect. Trust in America has made it easier for us to import more than we export, to consume more than we produce, and to spend more than we earn. It’s a huge benefit that has allowed us to live in McMansions, drive luxury cars, pay far cheaper gasoline prices, buy 3D HDTVs, load our pantries with cheap food, and so much more. Trust in the U.S. government and its institutions, it turns out, has given us the greatest standard of living the world has ever seen… it’s what has made the American dream possible. If this trust is shattered, however… well, our way of life is over. Once trust in America is broken, it will “lead to a huge decline in the standard of living of U.S. citizens like nothing we’ve seen in nearly a century.” Unfortunately, that’s exactly what will happen once the public wakes up and starts to understand how America really works. “Monetary Systems Change Every 40 Years or So” Before 1914, our global monetary system was based on the classical gold standard. The dollar was backed 100% by gold. But in 1914, the monetary system changed into a Gold Exchange Standard, in which the dollar was only partially backed by gold. A $50 bill, for example, was backed by just $20 in gold. Then came 1945, and a new monetary system known as Bretton Woods. Under that system, world leaders established the dollar as the global reserve currency and linked it to gold at the rate of $35 per ounce. Finally, in 1971 Nixon canceled the direct convertibility of the US dollar to gold. For the first time in American history, the dollar was totally fiat… totally without backing in gold. Today, our fiat monetary system is 42 years old. But notice that all the monetary systems we’ve... read more

Governments Gun Control Plan Detroyed

If there has ever been a speech that everyone needs to see regarding Obama’s plan to take our guns. This is the one! In this clip we see an army vet that serves as a police officer. His name is Aaron Weiss and he has quite a bit say. We love what this young man has to say to the administration and their plans for disarming our citizens! We think you will too. Are you awake yet? Stay in touch and get more insights with the America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. To sign up click... read more

Supreme Court Limits Cellphone Searches After Arrests

In a strong defense of digital age privacy, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that police may not generally search the cellphones of people they arrest without first getting search warrants. “Cellphones are powerful devices unlike anything else police may find on someone they arrest, Chief Justice John Roberts said for the court. Because the phones contain so much information, police must get a warrant before looking through them, Roberts said.” The Obama administration and the state of California, defending the cellphone searches, said cellphones should have no greater protection from a search than anything else police find. Big surprise coming from our Government. For the first time in a long time, it feels like someone in Washington remembers that they are there for us, not the other way around. Are you awake yet? Stay in touch and get more insights with the America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. To sign up click... read more

Does the NSA Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

Many Americans do not know what their constitutional freedoms are or why they were established in the first place. The freedoms Americans have are rare and fragile. They were put in place to protect people and ensure our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is a reason we have the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Prior to the Revolutionary War, King George III issued what are called general warrants. Essentially, this allowed government officials to seek out and look for any wrongdoing without probable cause. Such general warrants were carried out on anyone in America, including among the people that would come to be our Founders. The Founders instilled in the Constitution rules requiring warrants to have probable cause and limiting them to specific times, places, and people. Why is this important? It’s important “because with unlimited authority, officials inevitably find wrongdoing.” Witch hunts always find witches. Constitutional protections like the Fourth Amendment are especially important for people who want to do things differently than the majority. These freedoms enable Americans to find their own paths to happiness as free and equal citizens. Are you awake yet? Stay in touch and get more insights with the America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. To sign up click... read more

Government wants to handle our Medical Records?

Our privacy rights have been under siege for a while and, with the passage of the Health Care Bill, the government has taken a huge leap forward in its quest to control us even more. They now have access all medical information once held in the confines of the doctor-patient relationship. So, where does this leave those people who value their right to privacy and who, if we were given the option (which we are not) would opt out of this attack on our lives. Although the vast majority of Americans oppose government intrusion in our private lives, the invasion will continue until an unknowing or disbelieving public sees the truth. Until then, if you want to keep your obesity rating to yourself, it’s time for some medical self reliance. Are you awake yet? Stay in touch and get more insights with the America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. To sign up click... read more

How free do you think we are??

Our freedom is so abridged that even simple things like owning a pet requires paid permission from the government. It’s so ridiculous that in some municipalities, there are multiple licenses required. Some dog owners must pay for permission from both the state and the city — every year. But asking for permission to own her 14-year-old dog, Pumpkin, for another year was not exactly a high priority for Ann Musser, 41. Musser had been “fighting death” ever since she developed cancer. She recently underwent massive abdominal surgery for ovarian cancer and been trying to survive a regimen of harsh drugs. She admits that she forgot about the license fee, according to The Republican. In her bouts with sickness, she went for a prolonged period without opening her mail. Musser also failed to see any additional notices of her unpaid renewal application. “If they can’t differentiate between this and serious crime, then I don’t see how they are capable of serving and protecting.” As a policy, the licensing bureaucrats wait 21 days, and then turn the un-permitted pet owners over to the District Court. Musser became one of them. Afterwards, Ann and her husband got caught up on their mail, and paid the extortionists the $5 they demanded plus a $25 late fee. But it didn’t matter. There was an outstanding warrant hanging over her head. She attempted to see a judge to clear it. She was forced to wait in a long line among many other people in a crowded courthouse, receiving no special treatment for being gravely ill. She felt that her frail health was actually being put in jeopardy due to the stress and germs. Musser has a weakened immune system caused by the toxic chemotherapeutic drugs, and has been directed by doctors to avoid crowds. She decided that 3 hours of waiting was all she could handle. Musser decided to go home where she belonged and rest. She hoped the government would figure out that the fee had already been paid and that they would leave her alone. For a few months that worked. On Friday, March 21st, 2014, a cop pulled over her husband as he entered their driveway. The husband had left his license — a driver’s license — inside the house. The officer requested that he go fetch both his and his wife’s licenses from inside. Once he ran Ann Musser’s license through the system, the warrant appeared and she was told that she was going to jail. Even though she was inside recovering from a week of bronchitis and high fever, the officer claimed that he had no choice but to arrest her. His conscience could not intervene with his fulfillment of his orders. “I hadn’t left the house in days because I was so sick,” Musser explained to Mass Live, saying that she was a cancer patient and vulnerable to infection. The system should be wiped from the books or made into a completely voluntary system. Why should “free people” ask permission to own a dog, anyway? Nonetheless, Musser was put... read more