Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Rights Just Reinforced The Constitutional Carry Debate

Supreme Court Ruling On Gay Rights Just Reinforced The Constitutional Carry Debate, Am I wrong? The Supreme Court handed down their ruling that couples of the same gender now have the right to get married in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This Monumental decision trumps gay marriage bans in 14 states. With same-sex couples already signing on with the government to tie the knot in 36 states and D.C. SCOTUS’s ruling on Friday means the remaining 14 states will have to immediately cease enforcing their state bans on same-sex marriage. This strike of the gavel... read more

Police Shut Down Girls’ Lemonade Stand

Andria, left, and her sister, Zoey, stand by the lemonade stand that was shut down by police on Monday for not having a permit. Yes, you hear correctly. Sisters who set up a lemonade stand to fund a Father’s Day gift on Monday were shut down by the police due to a lack of permit. They set up the lemonade stand to raise the $105 they needed for tickets to the Texas waterpark Splash Kingdom. They were selling lemonade for 50 cents and kettle corn for one dollar on their street in the town of Overton, but about... read more

10 Things You Were Successfully Distracted From While Obsessing About Caitlyn Jenner

1. The Patriot Act expired, but Congress passed of the USA Freedom Act, which is like the Patriot Act on steroids. 2. The FBI was caught surveying people from planes disguised as commercial carriers, all without warrants (in the US, that is a huge infringement of our Constitutional rights). 3. NBC was caught manipulating footage of the shooting of an unarmed college student. 4. Congress passed a measure that would require all police departments to report all police-involved killings and uses of force. 5. A Department of Homeland Security investigation discovered that the TSA failed to catch 95%... read more

Family served arrest warrants for ‘disturbing the peace’ at graduation

You can’t even cheer when you son or daughter graduate. This only scratches the surface. Do you know who you are? Four people who cheered — allegedly excessively — for their loved ones at a high school graduation ceremony in Senatobia, Mississippi, and have been slapped with an excessive punishment. After watching her niece walk across the stage at Senatobia High School’s graduation ceremony on May 21, Ursula Miller received a warrant for her arrest for disturbing the peace. “I just called her name out. ‘Lakaydra,’ Just like that,” Miller said. Now, Miller said, she has to appear... read more

To Pee Or Not To Pee

You don’t have a clue what’s going on in Government and neither do the American people because if they did there’d be a revolution in this country. To anyone paying attention, it’s no secret that our entire economic and political system has been taken over by group of pathologically entitled elitist bankers, businessmen and politicians. Emblematic of this truthful tragedy is the fact that five of the biggest banks in the world admitted to committing felonies last week and incurred nothing more than small find and a wrist-slap: Looked what happened last week when five banks admitted to... read more

If you thought that Obama’s 2008 election just didn’t seem right, it turns out you were on to something.

Obama Admin. Officials Convicted Of Voter Fraud In Obama Election If you thought that Obama’s 2008 election just didn’t seem right, it turns out you were on to something. At the end of last month, two Democratic officials from Indiana were arrested and convicted of ballot fraud. It appears that Obama truly wasn’t eligible to be on the ballot. Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. from St. Joseph County was convicted of felony conspiracy to commit petition fraud and forgery. Dustin Blyth, who served on the Board of Elections, was charged with felony forgery and several counts of making a... read more

Why The $5.7 Billion Dollar Fine On Big Banks Is Actually A Joke

The Justice Department announced that 5 major banks will be fined a total of about $5.7 billion. The banks plead guilty to manipulating global currency and interest rates as far back as 2007. Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Barclays the Royal Bank of Scotland, and Swiss bank, UBS, will pay fines that symbolize the government’s desire to reign in the power of the financial elite. The New York Times painted the fines as a win because while banks have entered guilty pleas before, they have always been from subsidiaries of the parent companies. This time, the parent companies themselves plead... read more

Big Banks Fined $5.7 Billion After Pleading Guilty to Global Currency Conspiracy

Six of the biggest names in global finance shelled out billions of dollars Wednesday to settle charges of rigging currency markets, and all they got were slaps on the wrist. On Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that five major banks – Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, JPMorgan Chase, UBS and Citigroup – will be fined approximately $5.7 billion after pleading guilty to crimes involving the manipulation of global currencies and interest rates. Not one of them will go to jail. “The big banks have been caught red-handed conspiring to manipulate financial markets … but not a single... read more

Are GMOs A Bad Idea? Maybe This 15 Year Old Knows The Truth… Do You?

Recently TEDx Toronto held its event which featured a popular figure amongst the GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) community, Rachel Parent. She first started studying GMOs at the age of 12 while doing a school project. By 14 she had a heated TV debate with Kevin O’Leary which went viral and put her name and message on the map for all to see. See video below. Rachel is currently part of the United Nations Youth Leaders Education program and is the founder of Kids Right To Know, which is an organization with the mission of informing the public about... read more

I will never be so disillusioned…

I will never be so disillusioned as to be ashamed to say proudly that, “I am an AMERICAN.” I will also never be so deluded as to accept what has been done to this country over the years as “progress”, “normal”, or “for the greater good”. There is very little good that EVER comes out of stupidity or hidden agendas. As for our current president, odds are that no breathing human being, comatose or otherwise, that can possibly make that many stupid decisions so consistently without it being the agenda. Are you awake... read more

I Live In A Country Where…

I live in a country where my child can submit to an abortion and a vaccination without my knowledge or consent. However, if that same child does not want to undergo chemotherapy, she will be taken away from me and forced to undergo modern day poisoning by the state. I live in a country where I’m allowed to smoke and drink and destroy my health because I’m free, but I cannot use a natural mineral to cure disease or I could be jailed. I live in a country where it’s legal to spray cancer-causing pesticides on the food... read more

Who Controls The Source Of Money?

Who controls the source of money? Did you know that a small group of people and the corporations they run control all of the world’s resources? This is what Occupy Wallstreet was about. Mainstream media also owned by the elite diminished that movement with its “hippie slacker lazy freeloaders” stories. Are you awake Yet? As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the disasters America and the rest of the world faces. If you want to learn more about what is going on in America then consider joining America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. These newsletters are free... read more

What Happened When This Family Switched To Organic Food For Just Two Weeks

Is Organic food just a fad or a buzzword? This family doesn’t eat organic food because it costs more than conventional food and it just isn’t convenient. Watch the Experiment. This they may be on to something? Are you awake Yet? As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the disasters America and the rest of the world faces. If you want to learn more about what is going on in America then consider joining America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. These newsletters are free for a limited time.JOIN US TODAY If you are already a member you... read more

Chase Cracks Down on Cash… Is Your Bank Next?

Chase Cracks Down on Cash… Is Your Bank Next? by Clint Siegner The War on Cash Escalates The Federal Reserve bank and its owners, the largest banks on Wall Street, want badly to be able to charge you interest for the privilege of depositing your funds. The problem is getting you to stand for it. Depositors already complain vigorously about zero percent returns on checking and savings accounts. If they must start actually paying the bank to hold funds on deposit, many will opt to simply withdraw the cash and stuff it under their mattress or into a... read more

The Web Of Deception

Greece is making waves, we learned that Jordan and Iraq are lining their borders with “1,000’s” of troops and Ukraine is escalating. What about the criminals back home? Good question. The banksters never sleep and the market action on the DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P shows without question that if you have your hard earned currency in these markets you are playing in a rigged casino. We also learned that a judge in Italy ruled in favor of 6 year old child showing overwhelming evidence that vaccines created autism in this child. Of course you will never hear anything... read more