Is the School Tax Fair for Home Schoolers, Private Schoolers and Those Without Children?

The only way the unfair School Tax can be eradicated is if concerned citizens start a grass roots movement to educate each other as to why property taxes — the School Tax being the lion’s share of “property taxes” — are an archaic way of raising revenues for the state.

Then, after a critical mass of people are aware of the situation, and the reasons it’s unfair, citizens can start showing up at their local zoning meetings and demanding that parents who private or homeschool be exempt from the School Tax.

Citizens who have kids in the public school system can argue for exemptions as well however such exemptions may be more difficult to get because apologists of the School Tax system “justify” the tax by saying: “Citizens should chip in to educate the next generation because all citizens will benefit from better educated kids.” Okay, this may have some validity, but where it breaks down is in the idea that these “educated kids” are the responsibility of just property owners.(1) Why isn’t educating the next generation all tax payers responsibility — especially the Democrats that don’t pay taxes and/or use the state welfare system to pay for their every “need.” Why don’t they NEED a well-educated next generation as much as property owners? They seem to love the over-priced public schools as long as others are paying for them.

It’s a no brainer that home schoolers and private schoolers should be exempt from the School Tax because they ARE chipping in to educate the “next generation” — THEIR kids! They should thus NOT be required to educate two sets of kids — greed-ridden insanity that could only spew forth from the Marx-saturated mind of the Lefty.

But people whose kids have graduated should also not have to KEEP paying school taxes even after they die, as the current “system” seems to require. So this is where the argument could go: when does a citizen’s responsibility to pay for other kids’ education stop? And what to do about citizens who have no kids. Should they be required to educate the future generation? Perhaps, for a limited period of time – like 12 years.

All concerned citizens should get out there and argue at township meetings and if the people currently in power don’t get rid of these rape and pillage property taxes, then vote them out of office. The problem is these worms will simply figure out how to extort taxes in some other way. Anything but cutting government. If the School Tax is chopped, they will escalate the rest of the property taxes in an attempt to make up for the lost revenue. They must not be allowed to do this. The only solution is to chop down the government – get these statist parasites that sit on township boards eating up hefty government salaries and fees out of power – AND then make the public schools compete. Instate a universal VOUCHER system so parents can remove their kids from public schools that run inefficiently and/or operate as “gun-free zones” where their kids are subject to mass shootings.

The liberals that have commandeered the public school system and the power-hungry usurpers in DC that are sending fiat currency-generated bribe money to the states to bring the whole system under federal jurisdiction (the Department of Education) have to be rolled back.


And no kid should return to public school until the state hardens the place where their friends were mass-murdered and makes absolutely sure future, psych drug-using madmen with guns cannot prevail.

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(1) People who rent may feel this discussion has nothing to do with them until they realize they too are paying the School Tax because their landlord is including this, and all property taxes, in the rent. So, in essence, renters are in a worse situation because they are paying School Taxes and property taxes and yet they have no equity in the property they are renting. The School Tax makes them complete tax-slaves to this feudal system. Ironically most of the people who rent are Democrats so the very over-priced and risky public school system they so love is screwing them the most.