Net Neutrality Is A Very Bad Idea

The Net Neutrality regulations, according to our government, will give us a free and open Internet by granting them the power to regulate it.

Wait… what? Isn’t the internet already free and open.

So just what is this proposed Net Neutrality plan?

Well that is the problem. Nobody seems to know for sure. The FCC has made it clear that they will not release the 332 page plan to “regulate” the Internet until after the agency votes on it. does that make you think of Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement about the Affordable Care Act: Congress had to pass it for Americans to learn what it would do.

Trust me when I say this…. This is bad for the Internet!

Sooner or later, under FCC regulation of the Internet, there will be “regulatory capture”—large established firms exploiting regulations to suppress the emergence of small, creative startups. Because it will be impossible for the FCC to keep close tabs on thousands of Internet companies, they will find it expedient to limit the number of participants, finding it easier to oversee a few large corporations than countless smaller ones.

Think of the investment implications here: Who knows how many would-be startups that might have become the next Facebook or Twitter may be strangled in their cribs by FCC regulators? Think of all the new millionaires that won’t be created. Successful investing in the Internet will be influenced greatly by which companies the FCC’s policies favor, meaning that the homework needed to discover which companies have the best business plan may not be as important as following what the FCC regulators do.

Our entire system of government is owned and ran by politicians who pass legislation according to who is giving them the most money. And after seeing how government runs our healthcare, medicare and social security, do you really want them taking over the Internet? They can’t deliver our mail without going broke. Furthermore, imagine the power they have now and times it by a billion. We could easily see content being blocked, regulated and manipulated. Especially if it helps government and their agenda. How about reelection time? They could push whatever agenda they want right to your desktop. They already do this to us on our TV’s.

Net neutrality wants to stop companies from assigning priorities to Internet traffic. The problem is, prioritization is the most elementary and necessary feature of economic activity and free markets. In a world of finite resources, capacities, and time, rational humans assign priority to more highly valued options with the marketplace deciding what those values are. Saying that everything must be treated equally echoes Marx’s “from each according to his ability to each according to his need”—a deadly ethos of leveling which, in practice, has leveled wealth downward wherever humans have been misguided enough to live by that principle.

By limiting competition, the FCC will cause Internet prices to rise substantially. Look at history: free market competition has driven prices down, whereas government intervention has raised them. Government regulation raises costs to businesses and thus prices to consumers—e.g., interstate trucking regulation mandated that trucks from carrying cargo on both legs of a round trip; airline regulation blocked new competitors from entry while dictating how many peanuts the flight attendants could give to passengers; long distance calls under the FCC-regulated AT&T government-granted monopoly were exorbitant. (Prices fell in all these industries once deregulation occurred).

You’ll still get Internet service from your provider (Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon and so on), but the government will classify service differently than how it did before. The FCC’s decision means broadband is considered a public utility, basically like electricity or telephone service.

You need to remember, Internet Providers are private companies and they provide a service. They do not dictate anything on the Internet. This is how the free markets should work. Nobody controls the conversation online. Nobody dictates and polices or the content. And the Internet is just about the only place left where “We The People” can speak freely and unabridged.

Maybe that is why the government wants to control it and make the rules

The Internet was already free and open. We certainly don’t need them now.

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