Liberal 2nd Amendment Argument In HILARIOUS Video

We’ve all heard the argument coming from the left claiming the Second Amendment was only designed with the use of muskets in mind. As one conservative recently explained in a comical spiel, they’re “dead wrong.”

The remarks were made by Steven Crowder, a contributor for Truth Revolt, through a video that completely obliterates the liberal argument. According to gun grabbing schmucks, the Second Amendment was created to ensure American citizens the right to hunt … with a musket.

Leftists argue that our Founding Fathers were so ignorant, that they could have never imagined technological advancements in the world of weaponry that were yet to come. Furthermore, they state that the Constitution’s creators would have never allowed Americans to have the guns that are available today.

As Crowder makes clear, you’d have to be an idiot to actually believe that.

The Founding Fathers already knew weapons had made and would continue to make significant advancements. After all, it started with a stone, then they made sharp stones, then a club, and the list goes on. Humans then made swords and bows and guns – in other words, it would be beyond moronic to think that the architects of the Constitution believed the musket to be the apex of weaponry.

Unfortunately for Liberals, their own argument – that the Second Amendment was made with muskets in mind – is obliterated by the times in which the amendment was drafted. At that moment, there were guns far more sophisticated than the musket and would have been considered “assault” weapons at the time.

High capacity – being able to shoot upwards of 20 rounds or more – firearms were available, and the Founding Fathers were fans. Solidifying his argument, Crowder goes on to explain that James Madison even had cannons.

In essence, those who wrote the Constitution knew there would be weaponry advancements to come. The Second Amendment was put in place to ensure the power stays in the hands of the people – literally.

They knew that if it came down to the government becoming too powerful and time for another revolutionary war, the only way Americans would be able to defend against tyranny would be with equal firepower. So, yes, while hunting is great, the truth is that our Founding Fathers were very specific in their wording. If they meant “just for hunting” or “just muskets,” they would have said so.

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