It’s Wrong. It’s Corrupt. And It’s Been Happening For *Far* Too Long.

Actor Jason Alexander makes a strong point in this 30-second video: All citizens should keep this in mind every time they hear a political ad paid for by a special interest PAC.

“Do you know what ‘Paid for by…’ really means? It means a billion dollars in the last election. Our government is filled with people who have been paid for, but no one should have more influence than you.”

And politicians may pretend it doesn’t make them beholden to their donors, but…

“Even if it’s in the back of their mind, you can’t tell me that if somebody spends a couple million dollars in your race… that’s not going to affect the decision-making process.

The primary goal of much of the money that flows through U.S. politics is this: Influence. Corporations and industry groups, unions, single-issue organizations – together, they spend billions of dollars each year to gain access to decision-makers in government, all in an attempt to influence their thinking.

It’s corruption! Shouldn’t the American people have the most influence? Oh wait, we can’t afford that.

Are you awake Yet?

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