Is This Really News?

There is much buzz around Brian Williams and the anchor’s embellished and fabricated tales by claiming to have come under enemy fire aboard an Army Chinook during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. NBC insiders have expressed concern for years over Williams’ alleged pattern of embellishing stories.

Wait…. you’re telling me someone lied and fabricated news?

Excuse me America, but our own government embellishes and fabricates tales all the time. Where are the news stories about that? Why don’t they report the truths about Benghazi, Iraq War, 911, Watergate, and the list could go on. Where is the uproar over these lies?

It’s been well-documented that the mainstream media is a government mouthpiece. So let’s sell Brian Williams up the river so we can stop talking about lies and deceit coming out of Washington.

Watch this video from Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

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