Is Government Capable Of Doing A Better Job Than You?

Why would anyone think that government is capable of running their lives?

It’s usually a mistake to ask people what they want government to do. Because if we do, we invite them to assume that politicians can figure out how 300 million Americans should live their lives.

Most people are humble. They struggle to run their own lives. They’re grateful to politicians who want to take charge. But this is always a bad deal for Americans. History is filled with examples of how the rules politicians make create new problems without solving the old ones.

What intuition tempts us to believe: When there’s a problem, government should act. What reality taught me: Individuals should act, not government

There are a lot of people who believe it is the responsibility of government to care for all individuals, even if it means giving up some individual rights and/or subordinating enterprise and initiative.

These people also believe that the economy is too complicated for individuals to navigate alone. They believe that business decisions should be guided by government officials and in the best interest of labor unions.

More importantly, they believe that government knows what is best for individuals. They argue that federal bureaucrats better understand the needs of a community than a locally elected council and the federal government should define the tax burden necessary to meet its obligations, because this is too complicated for individuals to understand.

Is it a fundamental right for the United States to provide unconditional aid and comfort to the citizens of other nations. Have open borders, unconditional amnesty, and that the laws of this nation be curtailed to provide non-emergency assistance and legal forms of identification to foreign nationals.

If America keeps voting for politicians who want to spend more money and pass more laws, the result will not be a country with fewer problems but a country that is governed by socialize. Socialism leaves us less prosperous and less free.

Every time we call for the government to fix some social or economic problem we accelerate the growth of government.

Government wants to run your Life. Are you going to let them? Guess what, you already are.

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