Irony Alert: The 2nd Amendment’s Not Just For Muskets!

We posted this video before but I think it should be repeated.

Our government (public servants) have no respect for history. It assumes that what we do today is a great advance on how previous generations thought and dealt with life.

They overlook that every generation is full of people working away to improve how tasks are performed, lives are saved, distances covered, worlds made safer.

They are particularly disparaging about technology, an area that benefits most from free enterprise. To watch those young people Occupy Wall Street with their smartphones, synthetic sleeping bags, vaccinations, and macchiatos is informing. They have no idea that their coveted “ironic” stance, is truly ironic. Their actions reveal their ignorance of our past. For when we forget our history, we lose our way.

Science and technology has always moved rapidly. Man by nature is curious and inventive. Since we discovered fire, farming and wheels, we have striven to find innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Things really began to rev up during the eighteenth century. So it is a great mistake to think that the Founding Fathers — the greatest minds of their generation — could not anticipate future developments in firearms technology – or any other technology, for that matter.

One of our greatest ever minds, Benjamin Franklin, was not only a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, but a scientist and inveterate inventor. There is no way he thought science and technology would never develop beyond what was possible in 1770s Philadelphia or Paris.

So, when you hear those idiots say “The Second Amendment was written for muskets” – show them this video.

Are you awake yet?