Family served arrest warrants for ‘disturbing the peace’ at graduation

You can’t even cheer when you son or daughter graduate. This only scratches the surface. Do you know who you are?

Four people who cheered — allegedly excessively — for their loved ones at a high school graduation ceremony in Senatobia, Mississippi, and have been slapped with an excessive punishment.

After watching her niece walk across the stage at Senatobia High School’s graduation ceremony on May 21, Ursula Miller received a warrant for her arrest for disturbing the peace.

“I just called her name out. ‘Lakaydra,’ Just like that,” Miller said.

Now, Miller said, she has to appear in court or could face at least a $500 fine.

Henry Walker waved a towel and yelled, “You did it baby,” to his sister as he walked out of the ceremony. He is another one of the four who also received the warrant.

It’s crazy! “The fact that someone might have to bond out of jail, pay court costs … for expressing my love — it’s ridiculous to say the least.

Superintendent Jay Foster doesn’t think the punishment is ridiculous at all, especially after he said he reminded audience members repeatedly to hold their applause until the end of the ceremony.

There is no crime here people. They broke no law.

If we continue to be sheeple it only gets worse from here.

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