Don’t Let Anybody Tell You” That “Businesses Create Jobs”

Yes, you can hear it with your own ears. We’re not making this up. Hilary Clinton actually said that businesses don’t create jobs. If that is the case… who creates the jobs then?

The ignorance of former-first lady and potential nominee to run for president in 2016 is beyond belief! If this video doesn’t terrify you, it is time to slap yourself in the face and wake-up because you must be asleep.

Hilary Clinton continues after stating “businesses do not create jobs” by criticizing trickle-down economics. Who then creates jobs? If it’s not businesses, it must be government? That can’t be, the government has shown it can only create make work jobs (i.e. pay one person to dig a grave and another to fill it back up) or jobs which don’t add anything to the economy (non-productive).

We have seen that socialism can’t work countless times in the past, yet so many from both the left and right somehow think the U.S. can make it work. If it’s not free enterprise and it can’t be the state, then the only thing which can create jobs is The job creation fairy! This is not to defend “trickle down economy”, rather mentioned to point out that Hilary Clinton is very ignorant on the topic of economics altogether. Instead of going through just how wrong Clinton was in her statement, it is best for everyone to watch this short video and draw one’s own conclusion.

And because Hilary’s ideas are working so well in Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, and Greece we should adopt them here. America better wake up and fast.

Are you awake Yet?

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