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Police Encounters: What You Need To Know

What makes police officers and the government powerless? When the American people know and use their rights! You have rights during a traffic stop or any police encounter. Learn what your rights are and use them before you loose them! During a traffic stop these cops are trying to question a teenager. His mother is objecting to the questioning. You are not required to answer any questions the police ask you. In fact, you should never answer their questions. This lady may have said too much but she knows her rights. THIS is what happens when people talk to much to cops with the IQ of a rotten head of lettuce. And she is right, Hell would play host to the Winter Olympics before I left ANYONE I cared about alone outside the car for them to potentially assault or kill. Just NOT going to happen. Furthermore, if the parent or legal guardian does NOT consent to the questioning of a minor without assistance of counsel, the cops MUST cease and desist all questioning of that minor, especially when the minor is not suspected of committing any crime. @ 0:05 – She is correct, they CANNOT detain a passenger if there is no reasonable suspicion or probable cause that the passenger committed some offense, which is the ONLY way they could be considered “part of the stop.” That constitutes false imprisonment. @ 2:25 – The officer is totally incorrect on both points of the traffic stop NOT being an arrest, because it IS, AND that an individual is not required to identify themselves UNLESS they have already been lawfully arrested for some OTHER alleged offense. @ 3:18 – The public servant figuratively shoots himself directly in his ill-informed mouth by stating that he was (UNLAWFULLY) detaining the son because of the actions of the mother in telling him to not talk to the cop, and compounds his problems by claiming that she is “concealing” the minor’s identity. Again, he is not required to identify himself. @ 3:35 – BOTH officers screw themselves by claiming that they can detain him and that he MUST divulge his identity “for their safety.” NOTE TO COPS: If you are such a coward that your “safety” depends upon the name of a minor child that has committed no crime, nor that you have even the remotest suspicion of having committed a crime, then you are a REALLY pathetic human being. @ 4:30 – The... read more

You Think War Is Good? Think again! U.S. Soldier Uses Wikileaks Video To Make His Point.

U.S. Soldier Uses Wikileaks Video To Make His Point. If you don’t want to wake up, if you don’t want to know the truth about America’s war obsession, then leave. Stop reading and you can go back to living the lie you’ve been living most your life. The Iraq War Was also sold to the public based on a pack of lies. Most countries condemned Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait. But the truth — that it was the culmination of a series of tangled economic and historical conflicts between two Arab oil states — wasn’t likely to sell the US public on the idea of sending our troops halfway around the world to do something about it. So we were given a variation of the “domino theory.” Saddam Hussein, we were told, had designs on the entire Middle East. If he wasn’t halted in Kuwait, his troops would just keep going into other countries. We now know this to be a lie. Yeah, are you pissed off too? But, let’s just set aside the lies told to the American people to start these wars. Instead, let’s get a birds eye view into what really happens in war and hear directly from someone who war there. Below is a very disturbing and well-known Wikileaks video exposing what happened (and is still happening) in the Middle East on a daily basis. It’s called “Collateral Murder,” and the solider you see in the video is Ethan McCord; he is one of many soldiers heard in the Wikileaks video who were deployed in Iraq. There is some disturbing footage in it, but it’s a powerful tool to let people know about something that is commonly covered up, leaving the Western world oblivious to the reality of the situation. We are made to believe that soldiers are sent over to these countries to fight terror, completely ignoring the fact that innocent people, for no reason, are being killed every single day. “The rules of engagement in Iraq are a joke.” (taken from video) Not only that, these so called “terrorist” groups that are used to justify our incursion into these countries have ties to United States intelligence agencies. Al Qaeda is a great example of a group with such ties. The thought that these terrorist groups are a creation of Western intelligence agencies is scary to ponder, and begs the question, what’s going on? Where do these “terrorists” really come from and why are... read more

Why I Think This World Should End

Why I Think This World Should End by Prince Ea It’s almost a certain guarantee that most of the people who watched this video are going to do the same exact thing they did today… tomorrow. But if we can change our ways of thinking, open our minds to new realities, maybe we can effect change in this world. This amazing video was done by Prince Ea (also known as Richard Williams), an American rapper and activist. His work left me in profound thought. In this particular video he talks about the way we live now, what we care about and what we have forgotten. “And the path towards a new beginning starts within you”. The world is coming to an end The air is polluted, the oceans contaminated The animals are going extinct, the economy’s collapsed Education is shot, police are corrupt Intelligence is shunned and ignorance rewarded The people are depressed and angry We can’t live with each other and we can’t live with ourselves So everyone’s medicated We pass each other on the streets And if we do speak it’s meaningless robotic communication More people want 15 seconds of fame Than a lifetime of meaning and purpose Because what’s popular is more important than what’s right Ratings are more important than the truth Our government builds twice as many prisons than schools It’s easier to find a Big Mac than an apple And when you find the apple It’s been genetically processed and modified Presidents lie, politicians trick us Race is still an issue and so is religion Your God doesn’t exist, my God does and he is All-Loving If you disagree with me I’ll kill you Or even worse argue you to death 92% of songs on the radio are about sex Kids don’t play tag, they play twerk videos The average person watches 5 hours of television a day And it’s more violence on the screen than ever before Technology has given us everything we could ever want And at the same time stolen everything we really need Pride is at an all time high, humility, an all time low Everybody knows everything, everybody’s going somewhere Ignoring someone, blaming somebody Not many human beings left anymore, a lot of human doings Plenty of human lingerings in the past, not many human beings Money is still the root of all evil Yet we tell our kids don’t get that degree The jobs don’t pay enough... read more

Did you know… You pay more to the IRS than General Electric?

Some of the world’s biggest, most profitable corporations enjoy a far lower tax rate than you do–that is, if they pay taxes at all. The most egregious example is General Electric. Last year they generated $10.3 billion in pretax income, but ended up owing nothing to Uncle Sam. In fact, it recorded a tax benefit of $1.1 billion. How did this happen? It’s complicated. GE in effect consists of two divisions: General Electric Capital and everything else. The everything else–maker of engines, power plants, TV shows and the like–would have paid a 22% tax rate if it was a standalone company. It’s GE Capital that keeps the overall tax bill so low. Over the last two years, GE Capital has displayed an uncanny ability to lose lots of money in the U.S. (posting a $6.5 billion loss in 2009), and make lots of money overseas (a $4.3 billion gain). Not only do the U.S. losses balance out the overseas gains, but GE can defer taxes on that overseas income indefinitely. It’s the tax benefit of overseas operations that is the biggest reason why multinationals end up with lower tax rates than the rest of us. Can you believe that GE not only pays no taxes, they actually get credit from the US government? They ship US jobs overseas and then reap huge tax benefits as a result. What’s wrong with this picture? And they are not the only corporations paying little or no tax at all. Now you know! Are you awake Yet? As a reader you deserve to know the truth behind the disasters America and the rest of the world faces. If you want to learn more about what is going on in America then consider joining America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. These newsletters are free and we encourage you to distribute to your friends and family.JOIN US TODAY If you are already a member you can, sign in... read more

240 Years After Patrick Henry’s ‘Liberty or Death!’ Speech

“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry’s passionate declaration for independence from Britain is widely acknowledged as the catalyst for the convention’s decision to deliver Virginian troops to help fight the Revolutionary War. “Liberty or death!” became the rallying cry throughout the colonies. Not all, but enough of the founding generation cared enough to risk their lives fighting the War for Independence. To them, it indeed amounted to a choice between liberty or death. Much has changed since. Today, most Americans clearly care for many things other than liberty. If this were not true, Americans would by now have thrown off the chains of the Federal Reserve. Likewise for the fear-mongered, liberty-suppressing “wars” on drugs, terror, poverty, etc., and the host of other policies, programs, agencies, bureaucracies, and departments comprising the unsustainable American welfare/warfare state. “Fear is the passion of slaves” said Henry. By and large then, are Americans not slaves? Are Americans not afraid of liberty itself? “When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object.” By 1775, the trend was running away from liberty. Patrick Henry’s generation helped slow it, if only temporarily. How do Britain’s punitive “Intolerable Acts” (or “Coercive Acts”), imposed upon the colonies – the final straw of-sorts before revolution – stack up to today’s abuses against Americans by their federal government? The lying, the spying, the inflation, the taxes, the regulations, the wars, the groping by the TSA at airports, the domestic militarization, the multitudinous assaults on civil liberties and the pervasive disdain and utter disrespect for private property and voluntary economic transactions? If alive today Henry would be the first to thunder “Liberty or death!” “I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.” If Henry is correct, then something in the near-future, as in early 1775, has to give, no? Patrick Henry is correct. He was guided by knowledge of the past – by experience: “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience.” Here, Diogenes the Cynic is evoked. He was banished from Sinope for debasing the currency, but found a redemption-of-sorts in part by carrying a lamp in broad... read more