Bowing Down To Tyranny – Wars and Police State


You should never forget… that these wars of aggression, this police state oppression, hinges on one single thing: our co-operation. It’s not the tyrant at the top of the pyramid who has the final say like most are conditioned to believe. The real question is not who issued the immoral order; the real question is why did you obey it? Did you obey it because you saw a shiny badge, uniform, or an official-looking seal? Did you think that those symbols of authority removed your responsibility to discern? Or is it because those around you complied quietly and you didn’t want to stand out? Did you think that since you were told that you were not in charge it was someone else’s responsibility to ask these questions?

Truth of the matter is that no-one really stands above you. In 300 years we are all dust and bones and the queen and the pawn both end up in the same box. There are no bonus points in the afterlife for being a good little slave. There is no retroactive compensation for accepting a life of indentured servitude. And there is no honor in bowing down to these criminals who claim to be your rulers. Until you realize that, until humanity gets up off its knees and looks them in the eye and says, “No, I will not obey. No, I will not comply.” Until you take your power back without asking for permission there will be no justice. There will be no peace.

Are you awake yet?

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