Are you awake yet?

Are you awake yet? We say that a lot in my postings.

First, you have to be awaken. To be awaken, you must be willing to see what you don’t want to accept … and willing to make moves that others will call crazy. Remember: It’s never those who stay behind that survive. It’s those who act to get out of the way of an unpleasant future that live to tell the stories of how it all fell apart.

Those in the government have complete power and authority over you, your life, you family, your loved ones, your rights, your freedom, your future, and everything precious to life. If you don’t believe me, try going fishing without a license. See what happens. Try driving a car without get a driver’s license. I could go on but you get the idea. Every aspect of the 350 million people in America are controlled by a select few.

Government is suppose to have “limited and delegated authority” afforded to them by the people? Do you think that is how it’s works now?

Everything government does is under threat and at the barrel of a gun. Government support is compulsory. People doing business as governments are incapable or unwilling to provide their services to the market on a voluntary basis like normal people so they use guns and threats to make you comply. The level of dishonesty with these “people” knows no bounds. We see it almost daily. We know about the many scandals just our current government has been involved in and yet we still do nothing.

Maybe you don’t care to do anything. That is fine. However, one day you will have to look your children in the eye and explain to them why you did nothing to stop this government. Your children, just because they were born in America, will become slaves to the same system you are a slave to now. Only it will be a lot worse for them.

Are you awake Yet?

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