American Education is Suffocating Freedom

A modern historian looking to chronicle the destruction of the America we all once knew could do no better than to deconstruct the U.S. education system today.

Along with providing American students a middling education at best — we rank 17th in the world and well-below-average for developed nations — our education system is also acclimating the next generation to the future of what America is becoming.

And it’s becoming a police state, where tolerance is zero and everyone is presumed guilty. The notion of innocence? To hell with that!

This will not end well for you or me, or our children.

Consider some of the events that are taking place these days in America’s schools. In many schools across the country there are police on the grounds. All day! And there is no presumption of innocents.

In Houston, a teenager at Sam Houston High was using her cellphone to deal with a family emergency — her ill mother. The school’s assistant principal demanded the teen’s phone because of an asinine policy about cellphone usage on campus. The teen refused because — again — she was dealing with a family emergency. But the assistant principal, displaying an amazing grasp of rationality, had already called for back-up — the police! And thus it was that a 4’10”, 70-pound girl, upset about her ill mother, found herself on the ground, the victim of jackbooted oppression. One cop pressed his knee on her skull while a second sat on her legs and handcuffed her. A third loomed nearby — you know, just in case the 4’10”, 70-pound villain overpowered the two substantially larger men of law and order.

Most schools have a no fight policy. Even if you are protecting yourself you will still be expelled. What does that teach us?

Such events, and scores of similar episodes in schools all over the country that we haven’t the space to chronicle, serve as a reminder of so much that is wrong with America today … and it hints at a future that is so clearly heading our way.

As a country, we have become intolerant of any action that questions authority. And if you do question that authority, well you’ve seen what happens. We live in a terror-laced world that government shoves down our throat. Nothing government does is voluntary. Think about it.

These changes in society do not happen quickly. They’re reprogrammed at a generational pace. My generation is too American to accept what’s going on. We grew up in a tolerant America, where innocence was assumed. It was far freer than the America my kids are inheriting.

And tomorrow’s Americans will not have the same values. In fact, things will be much worse.

Are you awake Yet?

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