America Lost This Midterm Election

Ready to pop the bubbly and watch your portfolio soar now that the GOP’s back in power?

Better put that bottle back on ice and think again.

At best … it’s two more years of gridlock in Washington with the markets staying stagnant.

At worst it’s more debate over debt ceilings, budget cuts and the U.S. credit rating taking another hit.

Neither of which means any more money in your pocket … and probably even less.

After months of somewhat desultory media coverage, Americans awoke to find that Republicans have swept to control of the U.S. Congress with record numbers in both the Senate and the House. The GOP also won multiple state governorships. This “wave” election, a rout of the Democrats, is a classic backlash against the incumbent party, which has utterly failed to provide leadership to the nation.

Yet the sky is still above, the earth below and as far as we know, the world is still turning on its axis.

For all that partisans and Fox News have portrayed this as an earth-shattering election, most media pundits tried their best to avoid the anti-Obama groundswell. Many Americans realistically adopted a “plague on both your houses” attitude and stayed home or, in too many cases, opted for the lesser of two evils.

Short of the periodic political revolution advocated by Thomas Jefferson, no matter who’s in charge, there is just so much that should change but won’t … and therefore so much that a wise sovereign individual must continue to do to prepare for their future.

Keep Your Guard Up

Fewer of us are putting our faith in either political party to address the issues that really concern us — the growing threats to our wealth, privacy and liberties originating in our own government and its powerful allies in the increasingly corrupt and uncompetitive U.S. economy.

While the Republicans have taken control of the House and Senate, Americans are no closer to achieving the type of protection for their privacy and freedom that we demand from our elected government. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if the Republicans are going to bring many positive developments to the American stock market.

With America drawing closer to interest-rate hikes and a government that will continue to do nothing to protect you, it’s critical that you wake up.

As another midterm election comes and goes, we can’t stress enough how important it is to put your faith in your own sovereign strategies, and to avoid the temptation to seek salvation from government … or the unreliable politicians who compete to run it.

Are you awake Yet?

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