We have to pass it, so we can find out what’s in it.

If we can all just stop & think for a moment about the importance of what Pelosi said…

…congress purposely wrote the bill in such a way that the lies contained therein were so obscured the budget office could not see them…

…and passed the bill without reading it themselves…

…knowing full well the damage their lies would cause to individuals the economy, and the jobs situation that would transpire if they passed it…

…then have the boldness to openly state the obvious that anyone who had a hand in voting this monstrosity into lay was stupid.

The answer as to why our country is so screwed up becomes apparent; it is because of these same STUPID people and the same corrupt people in charge that are running this country “doing what is best” for us. Like we can’t handle being in charge of our own destinies.

Are we going to continue to let a select few fun and dictate our lives? Especially these clowns we have in office now?

Are you awake Yet?

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