How Google is tracking you.

Google is tracking you. Even when you’re in Airplane Mode. It knows when you get out the car. When you’re... read more

Government’s always become the master, and the sheeple become their slaves.

“There is no justification for the public servant to be more heavily armed than the public it has sworn to help protect.” Think about that statement for a moment. How does it sit with you? When you know who you are that statement is very clear. If you don’t know who you are, well the wolves love a good feast. Understand that the Constitution was NOT meant to ‘govern’ the PEOPLE, but rather those appointed to act on their behalf, and to provide a means for the People to hold those who stray from that mandate accountable for their actions. Ever get a speeding ticket? Feel like they are operating on your behalf? The entire purpose of entering into a UNION, whether it be one of a group men, as a town, a city, a state, or as a united states, was to provide MUTUAL protection of every individual’s rights. If you’re waiting for constitutions, elections, or other documents and rituals to make government into something that actually serves and protects the people, stop waiting. It won’t ever happen. “Government” has always been the enemy of decent people, and playing the games engineered and controlled by sociopaths will never result in freedom and justice. “Politics” and “democracy” are designed only to legitimize authoritarian domination and give the false appearance that the people are in charge. Despite all the mythology and rhetoric that is used to try to make ruling classes look proper and necessary, the state is, and has always been, the enemy of the people. But what are decent, freedom-loving folk to do if the game of politics is rigged and pointless? What is the alternative? If, for example, the only way to stop the ever-increasing injustice and oppression occurring in the United States is the complete physical destruction of the vast police and military apparatus of the state and federal governments, what hope is there? Can the intricate schemes and deceptions of those in power be ended only when every member of the public fully understands those schemes and deceptions? To put it bluntly, if achieving true freedom and justice requires the American people as a whole to be fully informed, philosophically enlightened and morally courageous, then we are doomed. But we aren’t doomed. Fortunately, every authoritarian regime has an Achilles’ heel, a weakness which no amount of military might or clever conspiracies can make up for. In short, when the people as a whole stop imagining a... read more