Where Do Dollars Come From?

A fiat currency is created by a government decree. The Latin word means “let it be done.” And with the stroke of a pen, or the crank of a printing press, “money” is created. Fiat currency has no inherent value—the paper that a $100 dollar bill is printed on is surely not worth $100. It might have been worth a few cents before the government ruined its utility as scrap paper by printing green words and numbers all over it! Compare this with gold & silver, which are a precious, rare metals that is, in many cases, the only substance on earth that can be used for certain human purposes, including science, medicine, and of course an honest money system. By understanding this battle between real money and fiat currencies, and its inevitable outcome, you can prepare yourself to preserve your wealth and invest for potentially massive gains. Understanding this age-old conflict will give you an advantage. This isn’t some mumbo-jumbo fantasy battle I made up—the inevitable outcome of the Battle of Ages has happened every time in history a fiat currency has been used. Most people have no clue as to how their monetary systems work, putting blind faith in fiat currencies, only to learn those currencies are essentially worthless when push comes to shove. And with fiat currencies, push always comes to shove. You could say they were designed to fail. The value in a functioning fiat currency is that people have faith in it, and you can go to the grocery store and buy a ham sandwich with it. Because people were able to trade their dollars for a ham sandwich yesterday, they have faith that they will be able to do so tomorrow. If you are just waking up and want to start, we suggest you accumulate silver and gold. This will help protect whet you already have. Read more about this at Learn how to become a smart investor in precious... read more

Is The USA Becoming A Police State, Or Is It Already One?

We all know about the scope of National Security Agency (NSA) spying. It’s fair to say at this point in our lives that the notion of privacy is all but dead and gone. However, it didn’t start there. Keep in mind, people in the political class constantly reveal their contempt for regular citizens. That contempt is the inevitable result of a group of people who have convinced themselves that big government is necessary because the little people can’t control their own lives. These same politicians and bureaucrats then begin to see themselves a genuinely better than everyone else. After all, if they were just like us, then they’d be part of the rabble, and they can’t have that. The solution to their dilemma is a police state. “The Founding Fathers wouldn’t recognize America today. The God-given freedoms they championed in the Bill of Rights have been chipped away over the years by an ever-intrusive government bent on controlling all aspects of our lives in the name of safety and security. NSA wire-tapping and data collection is destructive to the welfare of a free society in its scope. The TSA, BLM, and IRS are all jockeying for control of our lives. Warrantless searches are on the rise and even encouraged in some communities. Free speech, the right to bear arms, private property, and freedom of religion all are under attack. The Constitution has been tossed on the same trash pile as the Bible.” Spying is one thing, but control is, in fact, key. During the Obama administration, most of us have grown concerned about the massive buy-up of ammunition of various federal agencies. The U.S. Postal Service, the Department of Agriculture, the Commerce Department and even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, among so many other agencies, have acquired billions of rounds of ammunition. Why exactly does a weather service need ammunition? The problem is, all these agencies have their own SWAT teams, their own police departments, which is crazy. In theory, it was supposed to be the U.S. marshals that was the armed branch for the federal government. The police departments of major battlefield equipment. This allows police to strong-arm those they should be protecting. The New York Times reported, “During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.” Silencers?... read more

Is Government Capable Of Doing A Better Job Than You?

Why would anyone think that government is capable of running their lives? It’s usually a mistake to ask people what they want government to do. Because if we do, we invite them to assume that politicians can figure out how 300 million Americans should live their lives. Most people are humble. They struggle to run their own lives. They’re grateful to politicians who want to take charge. But this is always a bad deal for Americans. History is filled with examples of how the rules politicians make create new problems without solving the old ones. What intuition tempts us to believe: When there’s a problem, government should act. What reality taught me: Individuals should act, not government There are a lot of people who believe it is the responsibility of government to care for all individuals, even if it means giving up some individual rights and/or subordinating enterprise and initiative. These people also believe that the economy is too complicated for individuals to navigate alone. They believe that business decisions should be guided by government officials and in the best interest of labor unions. More importantly, they believe that government knows what is best for individuals. They argue that federal bureaucrats better understand the needs of a community than a locally elected council and the federal government should define the tax burden necessary to meet its obligations, because this is too complicated for individuals to understand. Is it a fundamental right for the United States to provide unconditional aid and comfort to the citizens of other nations. Have open borders, unconditional amnesty, and that the laws of this nation be curtailed to provide non-emergency assistance and legal forms of identification to foreign nationals. If America keeps voting for politicians who want to spend more money and pass more laws, the result will not be a country with fewer problems but a country that is governed by socialize. Socialism leaves us less prosperous and less free. Every time we call for the government to fix some social or economic problem we accelerate the growth of government. Government wants to run your Life. Are you going to let them? Guess what, you already are. Are you awake Yet? Stay in touch and receive more insights with the America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. To sign up click... read more

Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Criminals

This man was being stopped for the hideous crime of not wearing a seat belt. The cop asked him for his license and seconds later he was shot. The man reaches into his vehicle after a South Carolina trooper asked for his driver’s license and the trooper shoots him. Days afterward, prosecutors aren’t satisfied with the answer and the trooper is arrested. The man did survive the shooting. Thank God the trooper was horrible shot at close range. But this begs the question… “Are Police more dangerous than criminals?” The worse threat every American faces comes from his/her own government. Every American faces brutal, armed psychopaths known as the police. The “law and order” conservatives and the “compassionate” liberals stand silent while police psychopaths brutalize children and grandmothers, murder double amputees in wheel chairs, break into the wrong homes, murder the family dogs, and terrify the occupants, pointing their automatic assault weapons in the faces of small children. For God sakes, a man was shot getting his drivers license because he was asked. The police have been militarized by the Pentagon and Homeland Security. The role of the federal government in equipping state and local police with military weapons, including tanks, and training in their use has essentially removed the police from state and local control. No matter how brutal any police officer, it is rare that any suffer more than a few months suspension, usually with full pay, while a report is concocted that clears them of any wrong doing. It seems like cops are never wrong in what they do, but citizens are always in the wrong. It seems police murder with impunity. All they have to say is, “I thought his wallet was a gun,” or “we had to taser the unconscious suspect we found lying on the ground, because he wouldn’t obey our commands to get up.” There are cases of 240 pound cops beating 115 pound women black and blue. Or handcuffing and carting off to jail 6 and 7 year old boys for having a dispute on the school playground. Where does it end? Most of us take solace in their erroneous belief that this only happens to minorities who they believe deserve it, but psychopaths use their unaccountable power against everyone. Ever been stopped at a checkpoint? Ever been stopped for speeding? This guy was stopped for not wearing a seat belt and got shot. Think you are safe? The American police... read more

Don’t Take That Photo! The U.S. Forest Service Might Fine You $1,000

Hey hikers, that scenic forest photo you just posted on Instagram may cost you a thousand dollar fine. According to a proposed update to U.S. Forest Service (USFS) regulations, still photography or video taken in any of its 439 Federal Wilderness Areas is subject to permitting (costing up to $1,500) or you can face a $1,000 fine per photo. According to the law, the USFS requires a permit for any photography that “uses models, sets, or props that are not a part of the site’s natural or cultural resources.” So technically, if your mom in your hiking photo, she’s a model, and you owe USFS a thousand bucks. Want to take a picture of your backpack on top of a summit? Sorry, that’s a prop, fork over another grand. When the proposal is finalized in November 2014, reporters and other media outlets who do not obtain permits could face fines of up to $1,000. Tourists and park visitors snapping photographs for personal, non-commercial use would not be affected by the proposed regulations, but you must prove it’s not for commercial use. The fact that they can impose any fines for taking pictures is just crazy. We the people own the forests. Government is extending their tentacles too far. Are you awake Yet? Stay in touch and receive more insights with the America’s Great Awakening Newsletter. To sign up click... read more