What’s wrong with this picture? Well, I’ll tell you what it is that *I* think is wrong with it:

This meme is attempting to make a totally pointless challenge and rebuttal of verifiable facts.

FACT – The “code of silence” and the “thin blue line” WON’T allow someone who WOULD be willing to “show you how it’s done” to remain in the departments and perform the job correctly.

FACT – By “correctly,” it is meant that the job is performed in line with the constitutionally protected rights and freedoms guaranteed to all.

FACT – These are rights that are SUPPOSED to be inviolate, but are being obliterated by those in uniform who simply “follow orders,” ANY orders, for a paycheck, regardless of the outcome and who is actually harmed and suffers the most.

FACT – If it would be ILLEGAL for a member of the general public to do the same thing an officer does, even for the same reasons, then that is doubly true for those officers as being given DELEGATED authority to PROTECT And PREVENT the people from being subjected to such actions, NOT to escalate a situation into such actions becoming necessary.

FACT – THEIR delegated power and authority comes from US, the People, therefore, if WE can’t lawfully or legally do it, then THEY can’t lawfully or legally do it.

FACT – Special laws enacted to provide special rights, protections, and privileges to a particular group authorizing them to do that which is unlawful or illegal for any individual of the People, ESPECIALLY when that group is acting under the delegated power and authority of government within a Republic, are patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL, making any and all related actions equally so.

I can tell you straight-up that this is a problem that will NEVER be able to be fixed from the INSIDE, unless, possibly, you ARE the very top and start by working your way down, as there are too many at too many levels that are already too deeply invested in the corruption to allow its exposure and expunction.